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Find your courage

Brave your hope

horses  +  humans  +  hope
Our Story

Our team of professionals came together to provide a unique equine-assisted psychotherapy experience for children, adults, and families. Connection is encompassed in all that we do.

Our Purpose

With a program specifically focused on providing trauma care through equine assisted therapy, our vision is to inspire bravery, vulnerability and connection to build a foundation of lifelong well-being.

Our Herd

Humans, animals, and nature embody our herd. Each of these elements plays an integral role in helping our clients (and us) find hope, belonging, and connection. We believe in doing the work we ask our clients to do so that we can authentically support them in their journey.

Who are we

"My time at CR was extremely helpful, supportive and made me feel like family.  I've never been an outcast here"



Providing a safe space for clients to find hope, belonging, and connection through equine-assisted psychotherapy. 

Group Therapy

Groups therapy provides a number of benefits--belonging, empathy, and a safe space. Our therapists bring an authentic opportunity for connection to you and your peers.



  • Parents

  • First Responders

  • Child Advocates

  • Teen

  • Women

  • Men


  • Leadership​

  • Professional development

  • Psychoeducation

  • Corporate

  • Teachers/Administrators

  • Students

Individual Therapy

​Our therapy offers a unique approach to healing by pairing our licensed therapists with a horse, client, and his or her family. Connection is encompassed in all that we do. Therefore, we bring together the relationships that matter most in support of a healing journey.

We are currently serving:

  • Adults

  • Teens

  • Children ages 6+

How it works


Americans have 
1+ ACE


Stop asking, "What's wrong with you?"

Start asking, "What happened to you?"


"Animals are a way to get you from your head into your heart and how that translates into interactions with people (especially children)"


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Tel: 832.721.3874

3292 Hwy 97 W

Floresville, TX 78114

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